Kopplungsmuster zwischen Finanzmarktbedingungen

About FINN

The innovation strategies of companies are often characterized by high risks and uncertainty regarding their economic and technical success. They normally require high investments that - if at all - yield returns only in the long-term perspective. The relation between the requirements for and the course of technical innovations on the one hand, and the financing arrangements on the other hand, will be the focus of the FINN Project in the next three years. The importance of this issue has been highlighted by the recent financial crisis and the tightened institutional guidelines for bank lending. 

The starting hypothesis of the project is that there is a strong correlation between the course of innovation projects and their financing conditions. The research will focus on the analysis of specific interaction patterns between the financial market segments and innovation strategies. The structure and dynamics of these different innovation-constellations will be determined empirically and used as a basis for further conceptual considerations. In order to realize a broad perspective, the Finn Project is carried out by an interdisciplinary consortium of sociologists (TU Dortmund, Prof. Hirsch-Kreinsen) and business economists (Prof. Andreas Hack, University of Bern). It is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). 

The aim of the project is to conduct a detailed study of the interrelation of two crucial factors which determine the dynamics of developed economies: financing and innovation. The relation between the structure and regulation of financing systems and their influence on innovation strategies is highly relevant for a country such as Germany with its strong focus on research and innovation. 

Duration: 10/2012-09/2015
Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)